Professional Growth

Partial Tuition reimbursement/Scholarship

 Application Form


Please use this form to request financial assistance for academic professional development.

After completing this form, please give to Room One.




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Amount Requested:  ________________________________________________________

(Attach supporting documentation such as copy of membership or course tuition fee from a website or publication)


Briefly but specifically describe how the activity for which you seek support will contribute to your professional development in terms of your work at the Spanish-American Institute.










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Tuition Reimbursement

Subject to fund availability, faculty and staff may request tuition reimbursement for appropriate, college-related professional growth courses.



Professional Event Expenses

Faculty members are encouraged to attend off-campus meetings related to professional development and/or to the conduct of official school business with the prior approval of the appropriate supervisor.  Written requests must include the reasons for attendance and estimated expenses.  Requests should be made in a timely fashion and are subject to budgetary constraints.  Well-defined arrangements for the coverage of classes or administrative responsibilities must accompany requests.

Faculty may be reimbursed for PREAPPROVED, reasonable and documented expenses, which may include meals, lodging, transportation, and fees.  Within one week of returning to campus, faculty must file a travel expense report including receipts.

Within two weeks a report must be submitted summarizing the conference or meeting.