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240 West 35 Street, 2nd Floor, (between 7th & 8th Avenues), Manhattan, New York 10001  212.840.7111 fax: 646.766.0302   info@sai.nyc

a not-for-profit language school serving international students since 1955

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Staff Evaluation Form 2017 With Job Description and Memo New Library Titles Compatible With NorthStar Memo June 23, 2017
New Faculty Orientation Memo Sept 15, 2016 Vedat Cingozler Initial Meeting With Academic Affairs Dean Recommended Library Titles for Faculty Professional Development Opportunities - - Memo June 20, 2017
  Memo - Pearson Publisher's Rep Meeting On 4th Edition NorthStar Dec 14, 2016
CEA Program Development Planning & Review--FirstDraft--August 2016Template Teacher Meeting Schedule  October 2016 - Caryn.davis@sai.nyc
Faculty Mentoring, Supervision and Teaching Effectiveness -Plan Fall 2013 -  All-Faculty Memo Curriculum Committee Meeting Memo August 16, 2016 
  Faculty Memo First Week New Student Focus: Orientation And PreTest
Faculty Memo MyLab Rubric Training  Video August 16, 2013 Faculty Memo Bi-Monthly Roster Revision August 2, 2013
Faculty Memo Professional Growth Opportunity 20130812 New School X-Words Professional Growth Reimbursement 201308 IATEFL Conference
Faculty Meeting Speakers Email And Reading July 19, 2013 Useful TOEIC Test-Taking TIPS II July 2013l
May 18, 2013 Faculty Meeting and Workshop Minutes Email  

TOEIC Practice Codes ESL Faculty Memo 20130318

Classroom Teacher Observations Form Memo Template April 2013

Faculty Memo Terms of Employment 20120917 Hunter College Mini-Conference Professional Growth Opportunity April 2013
Faculty Memo Ongoing Orientation Faculty Memo Student Services Standard 3 - Orientation 20120212l
Faculty Memo Work Spaces and Kitchen Access 20120904 Perspectives on American Business: Outside Speakers Series
Faculty Memo Copyright 20120209 New Resources and Collection Additions 20080505
Classroom Teacher Observations Memo January 2012 Faculty Matters Web Page 20071029

Classroom Observations And Prof Dev Plans 20110901

TOEFL 2nd Edition Text 20070612

English Class Observation Form 20110901

iBT TOEFL Top Ten Activities 20070604


Student-Faculty Evaluation Survey Cover 20070514

  New Instructional Resources And Library Addition 20070320